Service Level Agreement Template and Points to Understand

Service level agreement template is a kind of template that is very useful in business area. This service level agreement or SLA itself is usually created between company and the customer who is focused on IT system in order to support the service and product from the company. In addition, this agreement concerns with the IT services and it is on how to cover and protect the stakeholders of the company. It is vital and needed as a document to enrich the power of the agreement between two companies. Based on the description above, we will give the more detail about service legal agreement template for you.

The Aims of Service Level Agreement

Well, every agreement has its own aim. Like this agreement, it has aims such as to reach mutual vision between two companies, to provide a clean service for the customer, to give clear service related to the rules and responsibilities based on the company’s terms. Then, it is also to fit the perspective which is focused on the service and support for the customers. It can be explained that service level agreement gives an understanding to you on how important its agreement for your company in doing business.

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The Review Time and Service Level Agreement

This service level agreement template can do a review once in a year, and it is minimum time. Then, the agreement is added by document owner. It means a thing that helps the staff company to review or facilitate the documents. In addition, it is very useful as a tool to make the communication well. The review itself is a method to evaluate the things and jobs that have been done in the period of agreement. It is good to do a review time in the service level agreement. Also, the detail information and evaluation have been done as a strategy to support the development of the company.

Things Related to Customers and Service Levels

Talking about the customers, customers have responsibilities on the agreement, it includes to support the costs, and also to help to solve the problems.  Then, it is also useful for giving the response times that connected to the incidents. In addition, it is acceptable to plan or check the schedule. In the level of service agreement, it has many levels on it. This service level is divided into five levels.

  1. First, it is about how to monitor email. It is very important to monitor email which is from business partner or customers to make your company better.
  2. Second, by making plan that focused on the costs.
  3. Third, checking health system.
  4. Fourth, managing the telephone that usually supports the development of the company as a hospitality system.
  5. Fifth, checking the company network.

To make sure the agreement template is well made, both parties need to share their vision so that the agreement can be done without any problem.

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Service level agreement covers the IT support between the company and the customers. There are several points to consider in this agreement including the review time and service level. Make use of the best service level agreement template for the best agreement.

Service Level Agreement Template Sample

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