Stock Certificate Template Free in Word and PDF

There are many options of stock certificate template that can actually be obtained easily and even for free. The so-called stock certificate itself is actually a kind of certificate that delivers the information of corporate stock ownership. It is needed by anyone who owns certificate stock to really show the legal evidence of the ownership of the corporate stock. In order to make the printed version of the certificate, template is needed in which it can either be in word of pdf file formats. Despite of the fact that they are easy to obtain, understanding the things that should be included in the template is quite essential beforehand.

Company Name

One of the most essential aspects that should be included in the certificate of stock is surely the company name. It displays the official name of the company who issued the certificate itself. Without the name of the company it can be said that a certificate is not a good one since the thing which is the main focus of the certificate is related to the company, not other companies. So be sure to find the template with a space to place the company name in large size at the beginning.

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Stock Owner

Following the name of the company surely the name of the person given the certificate should be clearly stated. Thus within the stock certificate template itself there should be a specific section stating the name given the certificate itself. The name of the person given the certificate should be directly below the large company name within the certificate. Its placement indicates the importance of the name so make sure that it is there.

Time of Certification

Next part is the certification time. This section delivers the information related to the moment when the certificate is given and issued to the person who is given the ownership of the stock. Surely there should be a set of things included which are the day, month, and also year when the certificate is officially issued and given to the person itself.


One last thing which should be there within a stock certificate is a set of signature. The set of signature should be given by the president of the company and the secretary of the company. The signature should also be followed by the name of them who give the signature. Without the signature surely the certificate itself cannot be considered as a valid one.

It is actually better to find the template of stock certificate that is well designed without having too many words on it. The space between each line of the words written there as well as the between each parts of the certificate should be enough to make sure that all of the information are clearly visible.

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The so-called certificate of stock is an essential certificate for a person who is actually given the ownership status of corporate stock of certain company. There are several information that should be there that include company name, stock owner, certification time, and signature which should all be there within the stock certificate template.

Stock Certificate Template Sample

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